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The following list includes open access, peer-reviewed scientific publications on Long COVID submitted to our Secretariat by members of our network and partners. Studies are primarily from research conducted in Canada. Still, we have also included selected publications (identified by members) from the international scientific literature as relevant to research, policy and care in Canada. Most recent articles are listed first; the list is updated weekly and provides a snapshot of published research on Long COVID.


We recognize it is neither comprehensive nor completely representative of the large and growing pool of international literature on Long COVID and we recommend working with a health sciences librarian to conduct searches of all available evidence relevant to questions you may have. Suggestions of peer-reviewed, open-access scientific publications from Canadian research can be submitted to

*Date indicated is for earliest release (e.g. initial online or e-publication) 




Journal and Link to Article


2023 DEC 8

A learning health system for long COVID care and research in British Columbia

Naik H, Malbeuf M, Shao S, Wong A, Tran K, Russell J, Lavallee D, Carlsten C, Ryerson C, Levin A

CCAHS National Survey

2023 DEC 1

Post-COVID-19 Condition in Canada: What we know, what we don’t know and a framework for action

Office of the Chief Science Advisor

About LC Priorities

2023 OCT 26

Sequential multi-omics analysis identifies clinical phenotypes and predictive biomarkers for long COVID

Wang K, Khoramjoo M, Srinivasan K, Gordon PMK, Mandal R, Jackson D, Sligl W, Grant MB, Penninger JM, Borchers CH, Wishart DS, Prasad V, Oudit GY

2023 OCT 24

Validation of ANG-1 and P-SEL as biomarkers of post-COVID-19 conditions using data from the Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC-19)

Yamga E, Soulé A, Piché A, Emad A, Durand M, Rousseau S

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2023 OCT 17

Long-term symptoms in Canadian adults who tested positive for COVID-19 or suspected an infection, January 2020 to August 2022

Statistics Canada

CCAHS-2 national survey

2023 SEPT 5

Rehabilitation Interventions for Physical Capacity and Quality of Life in Adults With Post-COVID-19 Condition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Pouliopoulou DV, Macdermid JC, Saunders E, Peters S, Brunton L, Miller E, Quinn KL, Pereira TV,
Bobos P


2023 AUG 16

A learning health system for long COVID care and research in British Columbia

Naik H, Malbeuf M, Shao S, Wong A, Tran K, Russell J, Lavallee D, Carlsten C, Ryerson C, Levin A

Model of care and research

2023 JUL 11

The immunology of long COVID

Altmann D, Whettlock Em Liu Sm Arachchillage D, Boyton R

Nature Reviews – Immunology


2023 JUL 7

Understanding How Post–COVID-19 Condition Affects Adults and Health Care Systems

Katz GM, Bach K, Bobos P, Cheung AM, Décary S, Goulding S, Herridge MS, McNaughton CD, Palmer K, Razak F, Zhang B, Quinn KL.

2023 JUL 5

Emergency Visits or Hospitalizations for Cardiovascular Diagnoses in the Post-Acute Phase of COVID-19

McAlister F, Nabipoor M, Wang T, Bakal JA

2023 APR 6

Cardiovascular Considerations in the Management of People With Suspected Long COVID

Quinn KL, Lam GY, Walsh JF, Bhéreur A, Brown AD, Chow CW, Chung CKY, Cowan J, Crampton
N, Décary S, Falcone EL, Graves L, Gross DP, Hanneman K, Harvey PJ, Holmes S, Katz GM,
Parhizgar P, Sharkawy A, Tran KC, Waserman S, Zannella VE, Cheung AM

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2023 FEB 21

Organ and cell-specific biomarkers of Long-COVID identified with targeted proteomics and machine learning

Patel M, Knauer, M, Nicholson M, Daley M, Van Nynatten L, Cepinskas G, Fraser D


2023 FEB 8

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the health of residents and the healthcare system in Alberta, Canada: an observational study—The Alberta POST-COVID Follow-up Study

Chen X, Bakal J, Whitten T, Waldie B, Ho C, Wright P, Hassam S, Norris C.

2023 FEB 6

Beyond Acute COVID-19: A Review of Long-term Cardiovascular Outcomes

Parhizgar P, Yazdankhah N, Rzepka AM, Chung KYC, Ali I, Lai R, Russell V, Cheung AM

2023 FEB 1

Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2—at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic

Oudit GY, Wang K, Viveiros A, Kellner MJ, Penninger JM

2023 JAN 17

Diagnosing post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) in adults

Quinn KL, Razak F, Cheung AM

Diagnosing LC

2023 JAN 17

Assessing common and potentially modifiable symptoms of post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) in adults

Quinn KL, Razak F, Cheung AM

Treatment for LC

2023 JAN 17

Treating common and potentially modifiable symptoms of post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) in adults

Quinn KL, Cheung AM, Razak F

Treatment for LC

2022 OCT 31

What is Safe Long COVID Rehabilitation?

DeMars J, Brown DA, Angelidis I, Jones F, McGuire F, O’Brien KK, Oller D, Pemberton S, Tarrant R,
Verduzco-Gutierrez M, Gross DP

2022 OCT 10

Elevated vascular transformation blood biomarkers in Long-COVID indicate angiogenesis as a key pathophysiological mechanism

Patel M, Knauer M, Nicholoson M, Daley M, Van Nynatten L, Martin C, Patterson E, Sepiskas G, Seney S, Dobretzberger V, Miholits M, Webb B, Fraser D


2022 SEPT 7

Understanding the Post COVID-19 Condition (Long COVID) in adults and the expected burden for Ontario

Quinn K, Katz G, Bobos P, Sander B, McNaughton C, Cheung AM, Herridge M, Atzema C, Born K, Chan C, Chien V, Kaplan D, Kwong J, Leung S, Mah L, Mishra S, Morris A, Mushquash C, Palmer K, Rendely A, Slutsky A, Stalteri R, Razak F, on behalf of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table

About LC

2022 MAR 7

Long COVID and episodic disability: advancing the conceptualisation, measurement and knowledge of episodic disability among people living with Long COVID - protocol for a mixed-methods study

O'Brien KK, Brown DA, Bergin C, Erlandson KM, Vera JH, Avery L, Carusone SC, Cheung AM, Goulding S, Harding R, McCorkell L, O'Hara M, Robinson L, Thomson C, Wei H, St Clair-Sullivan N, Torres B, Bannan C, Roche N, Stokes R, Gayle P, Solomon P

Research protocol. Disability and LC

2021 DEC 21

A clinical case definition of post-COVID-19 condition by a Delphi consensusPMCID: PMC8691845.

Soriano JB, Murthy S, Marshall JC, Relan P, Diaz JV; WHO Clinical Case Definition Working Group on Post-COVID-19 Condition

Lancet Infect Dis S1473-3099(21)00703-9

Defining LC

2021 SEPT 3

Prevalence of long-term effects in individuals diagnosed with COVID-19; an updated living systematic review

Reyes Domingo D, Waddell L, Cheung AM, , Curtis L. Cooper MD FRCPC, Veronica J. Belcourt MSc PhD1, Alexandra M. E. Zuckermann PhD, Tricia Corrin MPH, Rukshanda Ahmad MBBS MHA, Laura Boland SLP-C PhD, Claudie Laprise MSc PhD6, Leanne Idzerda MSc PhD, Anam Khan MPH, Kate Morissette MSc, Alejandra Jaramillo Garcia MSc


2021 AUG 26

Understanding long COVID: a modern medical challenge


About LC

2021 MAR 26

Challenges in defining Long COVID: Striking differences across literature, Electronic Health Records, and patient-reported information

Rando HM, Bennett TD, Byrd JB, Bramante C, Callahan TJ, Chute CG, Davis HE, Deer R, Gagnier J, Koraishy FM, Liu F, McMurry JA, Moffitt RA, Pfaff ER, Reese JT, Relevo R, Robinson PN, Saltz JH, Solomonides A, Sule A, Topaloglu U, Haendel MA

Defining LC

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