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Canadian Government Resources on Long COVID

The following is a curated list of selected evidence-based resources prepared by LCW scientists and patient partners with information relevant to Canadians, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers, and decision makers. We have also created a more specific listing of trusted resources for patients and families.

Office of the Chief Science Advisor (OCSA)


Statistics Canada


Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technology in Health (CADTH)

Selected International Resources


World Health Organization (WHO)


UK National Health Service:


Office for National Statistics (UK):


Government of Alberta Personal Health Portal: Long COVID Care Instructions:


Alberta Health Services: Long COVID Information and Resources:


British Columbia:

Provincial Health Services Authority: Living with Post-COVID Symptoms:

Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network:



Shared health Manitoba


New Brunswick:

Government of New Brunswick




Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia Health



Ontario College of Family Physicians:

Ontario Health:


Prince Edward Island:

Government of Prince Edward Island:



Government of Quebec:



Saskatchewan Health Authority:


Yukon Territory:

Government of Yukon:

Northwest Territories: (There is currently no published plan from the Northwest Territories provincial government)


Nunavut: (There is currently no published plan from the Nunavut provincial government)




Canadian Sources


International Sources​

Realize Canada (a national charitable organization supporting people living with HIV and episodic disabilities providing evidence-based guidance):


NIH Clinical Trials Database (includes trials in the US and over 200 countries – sponsors or investigators submit and update information):


  • You can search using the term ‘long covid’ which will include the following terms: post-acute COVID-19 syndrome; post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection; Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19; Long COVID-19 Syndrome; persistent COVID-19; long haul COVID; post-acute COVID syndrome; chronic COVID syndrome; long hauler COVID; Post-acute sequela of COVID-19

  • 468 studies (28 identify as in Canada if selected for ‘Location’ filter) listed as at Jan30-2024 – includes studies active (recruiting or not) and non-active 


Health Canada Clinical Trials Database:


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