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A network supporting and conducting research into the Post-COVID Condition (PCC)

People with Masks

Who We Are

We are built from various backgrounds. We believe complex problems benefit from diversity – diverse cognitive repertoires, technical skills and cultural backgrounds. PWLE is at the heart of the Network, helping to shape our vision and mission. The term "Web" refers to the patient, clinician, and researcher interconnections across all pillars of science, as well as the adaptability, flexibility, and speed with which solid connections and meaningful knowledge exchange can be formed.

Our aim is to create a clear and organized national plan. This plan will help combine research with patient care and education about Post-COVID Condition (PCC). We want to understand PCC better, find markers in the body, and identify ways to treat it. We also want to look at how different racial and Indigenous groups are affected by PCC and improve access to care and recovery for PCC patients.

What is Long COVID ?

Long COVID, or Post-COVID Condition (PCC), is a complicated illness that affects over ten different parts of the body. It shows up in different ways in different people and can be mild or severe, lasting for various lengths of time. People with PCC get treated by doctors from different medical fields, and they might receive care in different places like clinics, hospitals, or rehab centers. In Canada, one of the big problems in dealing with PCC is that it's hard for doctors from different specialties, hospitals, regions, and even countries to work together and share information about it.

July Webinar

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What We Do

The Long COVID Web focuses on four important parts of health research, following the plan made by CIHR's health research ideas. These ideas guide our research and how we help. These ideas show different parts we study in health research and help us decide what to research about healthcare and health problems in Canada.


of adults with a confirmed or suspected infection, experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms


of adults that experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms, experienced symptoms for a year or longer

*Statistics courtesy of the Government of Canada

Last updated: 2023-03-24


of adults that experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms, said that their symptoms often or always limited their daily activities

In-kind Support

Women and Children’s Health Research Institute
Canadian Critical Care Society
Glenrose Hospital Foundation
Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network
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