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A network supporting and conducting research into the Post-COVID Condition (PCC)

Who We Are

We are built from various backgrounds. We believe complex problems benefit from diversity – diverse cognitive repertoires, technical skills and cultural backgrounds. PWLE is at the heart of the Network, helping to shape our vision and mission. The term "Web" refers to the patient, clinician, and researcher interconnections across all pillars of science, as well as the adaptability, flexibility, and speed with which solid connections and meaningful knowledge exchange can be formed.

Biomedical Team

Understand disease mechanisms, identify biomarkers and therapeutic candidates

Clinical Team

Scale up innovative pharmacological and rehabilitation trials

Health Services Research Team

Establish integrated care pathways across Canada

Population Health Team

Inform harmonized response to personal, societal and economic impacts of long COVID


of adults with a confirmed or suspected infection, experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms


of adults that experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms, experienced symptoms for a year or longer

*Statistics courtesy of the Government of Canada


of adults that experienced longer-term COVID-19 symptoms, said that their symptoms often or always limited their daily activities

News and Events

Rehabilitation Science Research Network for COVID: International Forum on COVID Rehabilitation Research

What is Post-COVID Condition?

Post-COVID Condition (PPC) is a complex and heterogeneous disease that affects more than ten biological systems and has varying clinical presentations, symptoms, severity, and duration. Patients with PCC are cared for by physicians from a variety of medical specialties in a variety of healthcare settings (community, hospital and rehabilitation). The difficulties in linking and collaborating across specialties, institutions, provinces, and international groups have been a major gap in Canada's response to PCC.

The Network will create a cohesive and coordinated national framework to ensure research integration into clinical care and PCC education. We will use existing networks and funded projects across Canada over the next five years to:

  1. Improve our understanding of PCC mechanisms;

  2. Identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets for PCC

  3. Test novel therapies for PCC treatment;

  4. Look into inequities in racialized and Indigenous populations among those affected by PCC, and

  5. Find optimal solutions for PCC patients' access to care and recovery.

In-kind Support

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